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New Life baby orca with mom - original Inktense postcard painting, 4x6"


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Original Eastern Rosella Inktense/watercolour painting, 5x7"


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Original Fairy Wren watercolour/Inktense miniature painting, matted to 5x7"


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Original Beluga Whale ACEO - colour pencil on bristol 2.5x3.5"


Puffin's Pictures - art and photography by Beth Baisch aka tuftedpuffin

Welcome to Puffin's Pictures!

I am a self-trained Canadian artist and photographer who works with whatever I can get my paws on.

My work has been severeal different shows, including a juried exhibition held in conjunction with the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver. I have also provided graphics for the docu-comedy "How To Boil A Frog".