Boyd the Bat and his Pink Teddy - original Flying Fox painting

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Product Description

Note: Zibbet insists on blowing the preview images up larger than the original painting, which negatively affects image quality when viewed on here!

Inktense on illustration board, 5x7", "Boyd and his Teddy" is based on a real orphaned Spectacled Flying Foxe I cared for while volunteering at a wildlife rescue centre in Australia. He was a big boy who seemed to resent having to live with the other babies, for unlike them he could drink his milk himself (the rest were on bottles). He wanted nothing to do with anyone but his pink teddy until the day I introduced him to the joys of a tummy scratch. After that, he'd strut over with his wings open and an expectant look on his little face, and then go back to his teddy. Once, we had to give his teddy a wash. When he got it back, he cried out with joy and started hugging and kissing it. So if you see a flying fox flying through the rainforests with a pink teddy in tow, it might just be Boyd!

Puffin's Pictures - art and photography by Beth Baisch aka tuftedpuffin

Welcome to Puffin's Pictures!

I am a self-trained Canadian artist and photographer who works with whatever I can get my paws on.

My work has been severeal different shows, including a juried exhibition held in conjunction with the 2010 Winter Olympics here in Vancouver. I have also provided graphics for the docu-comedy "How To Boil A Frog".